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Flash Photonics carries all of the products represented by Flash Analysis, and provides sales, marketing, and product support throughout the United States and Canada.
Spectral sensors
Real-time analysis
Market Intelligence
Connecting a variety of industrial customers with unique spectral sensors to solve measurement problems.  High quality custom and off-the shelf solutions.
Manufacturing processes need sensing and feedback control.  Our process monitors can be fully connected to your process.  Provable ROI with fast payback!
We understand the spectroscopy marketplace and guide our customers and clients to optimum solutions.  We take unique products to market.
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LIBS Elemental Analysis

Raman Molecular Analysis

LIBS from the best in the business

Raman done right

Talk with us about configuring a Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy system for you. Besides laboratory projects, we have done LIBS in glass furnaces, incinerators, and many other industrial settings.  Let Flash Analysis build a custom LIBS system for you.
Flash Analysis delivers the laboratory Raman systems with the best cost/performance ratio on the market.  Our highly efficient Raman probes and excellent fluorescence rejection mean that qualitative ID and analysis are a snap with these systems.
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Novel NIR Sensors

Custom Spectral Solutions

The smallest NIR spectrometer on the planet

We can connect you with the sensor you need

Interested in custom moisture measurements?  Fat and protein in foods?  Our new Spectral Engines NIR MEMS spectrometer is not only the smallest NIR spectrometer in the world, it's easy on the budget.  Performance?  Rivaling spectrometers that are 10x the price!
Whether you need a custom sensor and software built for your process, or help sourcing an existing sensor, engage Flash Analysis for trusted consulting.  We have experience in many industries and with most types of sensors, and can get you going ... in a Flash!
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