About Flash Analysis
The Flash Analysis team has over 60 years of combined process engineering experience in delivering sensors for mining, petrochemical, and energy conversion processes, among others.  Some of our accomplishments include:
  • Real-time measurement of exhaust gas (10-second updates) inside a working gas turbine
  • Real-time sensor-based sorting of scrap on a conveyor.
  • Numerous process NMR installations for phosphates and petrochemicals
  • Sensor-based diagnosis of contamination in high-purity glassmaking
  • Custom sensors for measurement of coal properties.
  • Accurate measurement of mineralogy in core samples in geochemical exploration
Custom Sensors, Consulting, Manufacturing
Talk with us about specialty sensor development, consulting engineering to solve your hardest measurement problems, or coordinating manufacturing for custom sensors. 
With experience with an array of sensor technologies, we can bring the latest, most sensitive technology and machine learning solutions to bear to solve your industrial measurement problem.