Analyze IQ Lab

Analyze IQ Lab enables the fast and accurate interrogation of all types of spectroscopic data, with an intuitive & easy-to-use interface that increases productivity and reduces risk of errors.

Analyze IQ Lab provides rapid and accurate analysis methods to turn your complex spectroscopy data into decisions, using both well-established chemometric modeling methods and innovative new techniques based on data mining methods. Its model building wizard allows you to build, evaluate and refine sophisticated models, quickly and reliably.

Analyze IQ Lab is used in commercial R&D, academic research labs and by many innovative solution providers.

Easy and Graphical!
Powerful Algorithms!

Deployable Models!

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Key features of Analyze IQ Lab include:
  • Innovative model-based approach yielding fast and accurate results
  • Intuitive user interface, with step-by-step wizard
  • A wide range of useful pre-processing options
  • Works with standard spectral data formats, and can be customized for user-specific data formats
  • Comprehensive graphics for visualizing effects of pre-processing and performance of models

With Analyze IQ Lab’s new model-driven paradigm for spectral analysis, you can:
  • Analyze data using pre-built models
  • Easily build new models customized for your data, using a step-by-step wizard
  • Choose from quantitative and qualitative analysis methods, depending on what kinds of question you wish to answer
  • Select from a wide range of model-building techniques, ranging from standard chemometric methods to innovative patent-protected techniques
  • Evaluate, refine and improve your models before final deployment
  • Plot your input data and visualize and export your results.
Analyze IQ RealTime allows analyses to be performed fully automatically, enabling operators who are not analysts to make red-light/green-light decisions on spectroscopic data in real time.

Analyze IQ RealTime allows you to package and deploy expert knowledge, since chemometric models from Analyze IQ Lab that have been constructed and validated by expert analysts can be deployed in fielded applications, where they can be applied automatically, or by end-users without chemometric training, for automatic processing in real time. 

Analyze IQ RealTime is ideal for:
  • Real-time process monitoring
  • Portable & in-field instrumentation
  • Specialist applications
  • Materials validation & anti-counterfeiting
  • Routine analyses by non-chemometricians
  • Applications in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, law enforcement,and petroleum industries

Analyze IQ RealTime

Works in the Cloud - Scalable!

Scalable from Embedded Devices to the Cloud

Analyze IQ RealTime is a scalable solution:
  • Portable Edition: runs on embeded computers
  • Desktop Edition: runs on the same computer as client software and inter-operates with handheld devices
  • Our Cloud Edition responds to analysis requests from multiple client computers, and can be distributed across multiple computers to cope with intensive analysis demands.