Frequently asked questions
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    What size projects is Flash willing to take on?
    We undertake everything from expert opinion, given in a few hours of consulting, to development of million-dollar sensor systems.
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    Does Flash service systems built by other vendors?
    Generally, no. In extreme circumstances, probably still no.
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    How does development proceed with Flash?
    We like to use a phased-development approach in which clear milestones allow both parties to ensure that development is on track and exposure (risk) is mitigated.
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    How is intellectual property handled?
    Flash typically has the appropriate IP or will otherwise license required IP as part of any development. Flash typically retains IP and will grant exclusive use only in special cases.
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    Does Flash work outside North America?
    Absolutely. Our systems are designed to be remotely monitored so that we can manage much from North America, but we are happy to come to the customer when required.
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    Does Flash develop OEM systems?
    Yes, indeed! If you need development and testing of a new product concept, we are happy to go from idea to prototype, through arranging OEM manufacturing.