This is industrial NMR re-imagined:
Fast analytics for your process

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Compact NMR
The FlashCUBE™ TS (Thin Solution) is a compact MR system that can fit almost anywhere. Encased in a NEMA-4X enclosure, this newly designed MR analyzer has all of the power (and MORE!) of competitive models packed into an easily-mountable package that is simple to integrate anywhere in your process.

With a magnet and spectrometer solution optimized for the compact size of the FlashCUBE™ TS, this is an analyzer that punches far above its weight. Suitable for phosphorus containing liquids (e.g. Phosphoric Acid) and slurry streams containing fine powders (e.g. Tail Streams) in the phosphate rock and chemical industries the FlashCUBE™ ships with a static repeatability of 100ppm or less.  ​

We will work with your process engineers to facilitate the optimum configuration of the FlashCUBE™ TS for your process 
Full-Size NMR
The FlashCUBE™ XL is a full-size, floor-standing NMR system that can deal effectively with varied challenges in measurement requirements. Enclosed in a NEMA-4X cabinet, this system has the capability to easily deal with multiple process streams, and the power to interrogate materials with larger particle sizes, and to measure lower concentrations.
Including a best-in-class magnet and spectrometer, the performance of the FlashCUBE™ XL is supported by our proprietary Flash Machine Intelligence™ that is a standard part of our Lightning MI™ software platform (also available on the FlashCUBE™-TS).

The suite of analysis methods, interconnection capabilities, web-streaming outputs, and ability to remotely monitor the system all add up to unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and ease-of-use.